Worm Transmission Mode?

Illustration of Worm Transmission Mode?
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..If a person is infected with intestinal worms then he takes dry food (crackers) in a container (jar) with his long hoofed hands … then there is a healthy person taking crackers in the container and eat it too … can a healthy person get infected also? because it touches his hand … and it’s like a broken bread

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Worms have different types, each type of worm has a different way of transmission. For example tapeworms (Taenia), can enter the human body mainly through eating meat containing worms that are not cooked until cooked, hookworms (Ancylostoma, Necator) can enter the body through the skin (for example when walking barefoot on worm-contaminated soil this) or it can also be through worm larvae that enter the mouth. Other types of worms such as pinworms (Enterobius) and roundworms (Ascaris) can enter the human body through worm eggs that enter the digestive tract.

Worms such as pinworms and roundworms can indeed be transmitted through hands that are contaminated with worm eggs (for example if the person has just touched his or her feces, has not washed his hands, and is handling food). Long or not long nails have no effect on worm transmission. If indeed the hand is contaminated with worm eggs, the hand touches other crackers in the container, and the touched crackers are eaten by someone else, then it is possible that the other person has contracted the worm. Keep in mind that the most important factor in this transmission process is contaminated hands. Therefore, even if the person experiences intestinal worms, if the person washes his hands well before taking food, then transmission will not occur.

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