Worms Appear In The Child’s Vagina?

Illustration of Worms Appear In The Child’s Vagina?
Illustration: Worms Appear In The Child’s Vagina? raisingchildren.net.au

Hello, about the fast response r nWhy did my child get itchy at the pubic hole, I arrived to check I found a white fine worm … I thought it was just rubbish … I wanted to pull it out. the worm quickly entered into … Dangerous it r nTlg help me r nI was very crying seeing my son complained to say to me r nMama’s itchy brother was bitten by a mosquito immediately I check r nI’m afraid r nPlease help him r nSalamualaikum wr. Wb

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White fine worms found in the vagina may be pinworms (Enterobius vermicularis). These worms generally infect the gastrointestinal tract and most often cause anal itching symptoms. Nevertheless, in women this worm can also infect the vagina and cause itching symptoms in the vagina as well. This worm infection is not dangerous, it only causes very annoying symptoms namely itching (especially at night) and is very contagious.

Worm transmission occurs through the faecal-oral route, meaning that it occurs from contamination of infected people's feces into the mouth. Contamination can occur in food, clothing, mattresses, towels, toys, sandboxes, etc. Sometimes because the eggs are very small, these eggs can fly carried by the air and are transmitted when inhaled by healthy people. These inhaled eggs can enter the digestive tract and cause infection. Usually these worms are often transmitted to people who live in one house.

You should take your child to the pediatrician for further examination and treatment. This worm infection can be overcome by administering a single dose of worm medicine and can be repeated if necessary and sometimes therapy is also needed for people who live at home with children. You also need to take precautionary measures to re-infection by cleaning all clothes, towels, mattresses and bed linen, toys for your child.

Henceforth, tell your child to always wash his hands especially before eating, after playing outside, after bowel movements. Change clothes in children every day, cut the child's nails regularly, prevent children from biting the nails. While the itching is still ongoing, tell the child not to scratch to avoid injury and secondary infection. You can ask for a cream to deal with itching from your child's doctor when you seek treatment.

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