good afternoon doc .. u003cbr u003I have a kmren sodara exhausted gallstone surgery, I’ve had one time control and given advice so that the used surgery bandages are replaced every day … after 1 week the condition of the former suture is even worse when the doc gets out pus. … that’s the way to overcome Y so as not to keep pus coming out and let it dry quickly, how about that, doc ????

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Hello Ulfan ...
Thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com, I try to help answer yes ...
Surgical scars are something to be considered clean, because the cleanliness of the wound area can also help to make the wound dry quickly. Normally, stitches take about daily or weekly to close completely, but if there is an infection it can interfere with the wound healing process. How to properly treat suture wounds, namely:
- Keep hands clean: if you want to change a bandage, the thing that is often overlooked is washing your hands before taking any action, because bacteria that settle on the hands may move during the dressing bandage or when treating wounds and can cause infection. wash with soap and running water for 30 seconds then dry with a towel
- Routinely change the bandage: the bandage is one of the bacteria blocking media into the wound, try to replace the bandage once a day and keep the bandage from getting dirty and wet or moist, because the moist and dirty bandages can become a den of bacteria perched.
- Keep the wound clean: clean the wound using anti-bacterial soap, gently wipe the wound area clean, then dry with a clean towel. it does feel painful but a clean wound can help the process of regenerating new tissue faster
- Give antibiotic ointment to the wound area: this antibiotic ointment works to prevent infection of the suture wound, but make sure the ointment given again is in accordance with doctor's recommendations.
- Cover the wound area with a bandage
Suture accompanied by pus indicates the presence of bacteria in the wound. Maybe it could be due to the process of cleaning the wound that is not good, try the steps that I explained above, taking antibiotics can also help inhibit bacterial growth, but its use must be with instructions from the doctor. Normally the bandage is opened after surgery which is at least 24 hours, after which the wound can be cleaned, avoid activities that can cause the bandage to become dirty and moist. If the stitches are felt dry then you can go to the doctor to remove the stitches. If the pus on the wound does not improve even after the surgery has been cleaned, or there is a widening of the wound area, body temperature becomes fever, you should immediately see a doctor.
But in situations where the corona virus is spreading rapidly, if not accompanied by needs and urgency you should stay at home, or take care of yourself so as not to be exposed to the virus, if there are complaints such as sore throats that get worse for more than 2 weeks, accompanied by more fever from 38 degrees Celsius, coughs, colds that do not heal until there is a feeling of tightness or difficulty breathing, even though you have tried to take medicine, then you should check yourself to the doctor, for further examination.
Thus my answer, hopefully it helps

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