Wound Management In People With Type 2 Diabetes?

Good morning, my mother has a history of type 2 D. his body often itches and continues to come out like a bump and then scratches it immediately black marks. what I’m afraid of if diabetes has to be amputated, Will my mother also be amputated too?

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Hello Cheii Nciie Rossy Lestarii,

Type 2 diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease (long term and continuous) due to the disruption of insulin hormone production by the pancreas. As a result of the disruption of the insulin hormone, glucose obtained from food cannot be utilized by the body's cells to become energy. Glucose is settled in blood vessels which makes the blood glucose test results of diabetes patients become high. Continuously high blood glucose will eventually cause damage to the blood vessels themselves.

Skin disorders can be found in 70-80% of patients with diabetes mellitus. Abnormalities that can arise include:

Infection of the skin mainly by fungus or bacteria

Skin xerosis
Acanthosis nigricans
Diabetic dermopathy, due to disorders of small blood vessels that supply blood to the skin
Eruptival xanthomatosis
and so forth

These skin disorders will more easily arise if blood sugar levels are not controlled and are always higher than the normal limit. Patients who take medication irregularly, do not use insulin even though it is needed, do not maintain a good diet, have excess weight will be easier to experience these skin disorders. Good skin care by bathing regularly using a moisturizing soap, always dry with a clean body part before wearing clothes, do not use clothes that are too tight so as to avoid friction that can cause injury, always change clothes when they are dirty or wet with sweat, and check see a doctor if abnormalities develop on the skin.

Amputation in patients with diabetes is done if there are wounds accompanied by tissue death (necrosis). Diabetes patients experience damage to blood vessels and nerves. As a result, often in certain areas (especially feet) injuries that are not felt by the patient, because patients experience numbness / numbness in the area. The wound is difficult to heal because of interruption of blood supply by blood vessels, especially to areas where small blood vessels such as the fingers. Wounds that do not get the blood supply can gradually become infected, the tissue dies, and gets bigger. To prevent the expansion of infection and tissue damage, an amputation is performed to remove the part.

Therefore prevention and treatment of wounds is very important for diabetics. The following tips can be practiced to prevent injury in diabetics:

Always wear footwear, don't walk around the asphalt or rocks with bare feet
Wear footwear with a soft pad so that it does not cause injury
Clean the feet and always observe the areas between the fingers, the soles of the feet to evaluate whether there are injuries or not
If there are wounds, clean with clean water and then see a doctor. Do not put ingredients such as leaves, coffee grounds, etc. into a wound that will create a secondary infection
Control sugar regularly

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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