Wounds Accompanied By Pus Coming Out Of The Penis

Illustration of Wounds Accompanied By Pus Coming Out Of The Penis
Illustration: Wounds Accompanied By Pus Coming Out Of The Penis t1.ea.ltmcdn.com

assalamuallaikum.wr.wb. thanks to the doctor who I respect, hi good morning, let me ask. my experience in 2017 I once had problems in the genitals (penis) it felt very hot burning during urination, and yellow thick discharge came out every day, after previously I had sex intimate without security, then I see a doctor and it’s true the doctor said I got PMS (gonorrhea) and then I was injected and given antibiotics for about 5 days I was back to normal, I didn’t feel anything else, but I still had to finish the medicine until approximately 10 days. and I recovered no more strange symptoms until the beginning of this year. but more or less 5 weeks back I returned to having sex with a partner without safety, and it has been almost a week I felt my penis was uncomfortable. on the first day I felt itchy in the urethra near the tip of the penis, 2 days later started to clear clear fluid, sometimes white like sperm but a little, then the day before Here I sometimes feel pain, but only a little pain and only a few times this week. Continues at the tip of the head of my penis is brown and feels hot, the skin is scraped but moist, and the trunk is like a lacerated one but small round is almost invisible, my testicles feel large uncomfortable and if nudging feels a bit painful. continuation of PMS (gonorrhea) / recurrence? and maybe I feel this is another type of PMS? please, please give me enlightenment, I can’t consult with the doctor directly because of the cost issue.

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Good night. Thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

The condition that you experience related to the presence of wounds accompanied by pus from the kealmin can be a condition of the following things

Syphilis is usually a painful wound and looks clean
Canchroid is a wound that looks dirty and painful
Gonorrhea usually appears pus can be accompanied by chlamydia
Tumor or lump

This is usually associated with sexual behavior that is not good as

Change partners
Couple with a type of sesam
Previous PMS history
Couples with free sexual relations

So that for healing is mainly to avoid risky things. This condition is the main other than treatment in the form of injections or oral medication. In addition, it is mandatory to notify sexual partners especially those that are legal so that they can be examined because the risk of transmission is very high

Similarly, further information on the following page

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