Wounds In The Legs To Festering In Diabetics?

Illustration of Wounds In The Legs To Festering In Diabetics?
Illustration: Wounds In The Legs To Festering In Diabetics? woundcareadvisor.com

Good afternoon, I want to ask … My mother got sugar, at that time her leg got injured, her leg even perforated it turned out it was rotten … the doctor had suggested surgery, surgery had also been done … Now in the outpatient process … but the wound is not dry “but it appears pus ?? what is the solution huh ?? And how do you lower the sugar ?? because the sugar is still fairly high, sugar is 235.

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Hello Maulian,

Diabetes or diabetes mellitus that is not handled properly will cause a number of complications ranging from visual impairment, kidney disorders, blood vessels to wounds in the legs called diabetic ulcers.

Diabetic ulcers occur due to high blood sugar levels, nerve and blood vessel damage so that the wound in patients with diabetes mellitus that is not controlled to heal even worse until tissue decay occurs. Diabetic ulcers not only attack the layers of the skin or muscles but in more severe circumstances can attack bone tissue.

Your actions to check your mother to the doctor and make a doctor's advice to do the surgery is the right action. After surgery, patients still need to keep blood sugar levels high. High blood sugar levels will prolong healing and can even make the wound worse.

Please note that in the healing process there are several things that must be considered in undergoing treatment in cases of diabetic ulcers:

the consumption of antidiabetic drugs in accordance with the doctor's advice. antidiabetic drugs should be taken in accordance with the right dosage and the right time to consume the drug. if your mother is in doubt or forgets about the right way to take medicine, it can be asked directly to the doctor who handles your mother.

adopt the right diet. diabetics should limit consumption of carbohydrates and foods or drinks that contain sugar and sweeteners such as syrup, soy sauce, honey, instant coffee. Regarding the size of the meal and other detailed things can be discussed with a nutrition doctor.

take proper care of the wound. After surgery, the mother should be routinely seen by a doctor for wound care. You can also ask the nurse or doctor who treats your mother's wound about how to treat the wound at home

exercise regularly. in addition to consuming drugs, maintaining diet, it turns out that exercise is also an effective way to reduce high blood sugar levels. do sports that are tailored to the patient's condition 2-3 times per week

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