Wounds In The Tonsils And Sore When Drinking?

Illustration of Wounds In The Tonsils And Sore When Drinking?
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In the morning … I started to get hot in my mouth and mouth sores on the tip of the tongue … the next day my tonsils were swollen and inflamed … after 2 days I just checked the clinic … I was tested for the antibiotic drug paracetamol vit and molacort. s amndel is covering the hollow cavity … then some jm suddenly nauseous … vomiting if only water and mucus are released out of the amndel parts … I thought I felt like there was a wound. that dmam psing also skipped pda lher was gone but now it is prickly due to injury in just every gulp of sore saliva and canker sores even arise in the upper oral cavity and the outer circumference in the inside mouth smarting

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Hello! Thank you for the question on HealthReplies.com

The condition you are experiencing may be caused by injury due to excessive pressure when you vomit. Your tonsils, as you say, are having an infection, can also cause pain that is felt to be heavier than tonsils in good condition.

In general, the condition that you are experiencing right now, marked by sore throat and tonsils, may be inflammation of the tonsils and the back wall of the mouth (tonsillopharigitis). This condition is usually caused by a bacterial or viral infection in the condition of the body that the immune system is down.

In addition to the things already mentioned, throat pain can also be caused by:

Foreign objects, such as thorns, in the throat
Gastric acid reflux to the throat
As for what you should do:

Continue treatment from the doctor who examined you the other day as directed by the doctor
Drink warm water slowly so that it does not hurt, about 2 liters per day
Limit consumption of spicy, high-salt foods
Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption
Avoid sleeping less than 2 hours after eating

If the condition does not improve in the ways above, you should control back to the doctor who examined and took action to you the other day. Because the doctor knows the course of your disease from the beginning, so further evaluation can be done according to your condition, in order to determine the next appropriate treatment.

That's all the explanation from me, hopefully it helps and useful :)

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