Wrinkle Wound?

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good morning, I want to ask in my body there are wrinkles and the wound is getting bigger that’s why? and the medicine is the problem is itching and stinging

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LUka is the loss of the integrity of the skin as a protector from the body from the outside environment. Sores can occur due to various reasons, both torn wounds, stab wounds, scratches, infection wounds, burns or bite wounds. Thus, the definition of a wrinkle wound can not be found in medical terms.
patients with a history of skin lesions, may be accompanied by comorbid complaints, such as bleeding, pain, swelling, or infection. Complications from wounds can be in the form of infections, chronic wounds, scars or scarring.
In connection with your question, because I did not find the definition of a wrinkle wound in medical terms and you did not give a description of the current nature of a wrinkle wound (such as a dry wound, a scar, there is still blood coming out, swelling, or pain, and how long the wound has been) I cannot provide better information for you.
However, if you mean wrinkle wounds are scars that have healed, but these scars are getting taller, thicker, brown and wrinkled and itchy; then this condition is called keloid. Keloid is a scar tissue that is formed from the process of wound healing where the wound healing process works excessively. In certain conditions, keloids can widen and rise, and under certain conditions can be accompanied by complaints of annoying itching. This condition is influenced by talent or genetic, so that scars easily appear after healing from the wound. handling of keloid cases can be done by laser action, surgery, or by freezing action.
However, to ascertain the cause of this complaint of wrinkles, you should consult with a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon in your city. Thus, the doctor can confirm the condition of your wrinkle sores.
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