Wrong Day When Taking Birth Control Pills?

Good night. R nSy Siti from Lampung. R nDo I want to ask, I was Wednesday taking the wrong pill … I should have taken the pill for Wednesday instead I took the KB pill for Thursday … So what should I do? … do I take the pill for menstruation for Thursday I take it? r nPlease help, thank you

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Hi Sitti,

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Need to be clarified, what type of birth control pill do you use? How many birth control pills do you take?

Based on its contents, birth control pills consist of 2 types, namely combination birth control pills (which contain a combination of synthetic hormones estrogen and progesterone) and non-combination birth control pills (which only contain synthetic progesterone hormone only). Meanwhile, based on the number of pills in each blister, there are 2 types of birth control pills, namely 21 pills (which only contain active pills) and 28 pills (which contain active pills and placebo pills). Active pills contain synthetic hormones, whereas placebo pills contain only flour or sugar without the hormones in them.

The schedule for taking birth control pills listed on the actual birth control pill package is only made to make it easier for you as a user. To consume it, the schedule actually does not need to be the standard benchmark.

If on the day you err on the birth control pill you are still taking the same type of pill, for example active pills or placebo pills, this is usually not a dangerous condition. You can take birth control pills that you were supposed to take yesterday.

However, if you find that you are mistakenly taking a different type of birth control pill (for example taking a placebo pill when it should be an active pill, or vice versa), then this has the potential to reduce the effectiveness of the birth control pill. In these conditions, it is advisable to postpone sexual intercourse to prevent pregnancy. Or, you can also have sex by using additional safety, for example condoms or diaphragms.

That's all our explanation. For more details, you should consult directly with your doctor or obstetrician.

I hope this helps.

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