X-ray And Mantoux Examination Results?

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Good morning . Kmren my son check mantoux and x-ray. Mantoux results are negative, but I read the article there is a fake Mantoux test. Because my child at the time of the mantoux was taking cough and cold medicine. Continue to x-ray the results: pulmo = normal pattern, left hilum blurred with the surrounding infiltrates. Impression = TB susp, Lab? Kmren asked HealthReplies.com about the X-ray answer, the final impression of the X-ray examination was that suspect tuberculosis was infected with the lung area. But you have to check the lab. But kmren’s pediatrician stated that my child was negative tb … he did not suggest any other tests … Is my next action? Dri is very difficult to eat and his child is difficult to ride on the red line … Thank you

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Mantoux test or tuberculin skin test (TST) is an examination carried out to determine the presence of TB exposure to the body. This test is generally performed on individuals who are exposed to TB positive patients or have symptoms that are suspected of TB. This examination is done by injecting PPD fluid under the skin and see the response to the results of the injection after 48-72 hours ahead. Usually the injection site is marked with a marker to see the development of the lump at the injection site. The test is said to be positive if there is an additional lump size of 5-9 mm and there is visible inflammation.

Please note that there are several possibilities of false positive results or false negative results on the Mantoux test results. Suspicion of false positive results can be caused by several things, including:

Identified the Mycobacterium bacteria, but not the type of tuberculosis.
Post-immunization BCG.
Incorrect injection technique.
Incorrect interpretation of reactions that arise.
Incorrect use of antigen bottles

Tuberculosis itself is an infectious disease caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis which is generally transmitted through respiratory tracts and can settle in the lungs. In addition to the Mantoux test, tuberculosis can be assessed from clinical symptoms, physical examination results, blood tests, chest X-rays, and sputum examination. In children, there is a way of assessing TB infection using scoring, so that the management of children follows the pediatric TB scoring system issued by IDAI (Indonesian Pediatrician Association), the factors assessed in this scoring include contact TB, nutritional status, Test results Tuberculin, cough duration, fever, enlarged glands, swelling of the knee, bones / joints, and chest radiograph.

If treatment has been determined by a pediatrician at the time of consultation, it is advisable to follow the prescribed treatment regimen. However, if it is found that the child's condition is getting weaker, symptoms continue to appear, it is difficult to eat to the point of not wanting to eat at all, then it is advisable to return to control to a pediatrician for further examination and management. Can consult about the use of multivitamins or appetite enhancing supplements related to your child's condition. Of course you can also ask further about the handling and diagnosis of tuberculosis in children. Avoid stopping and using self-medication without doctor's instructions, avoiding children's exposure to dust, smoke, or substances that can irritate the respiratory tract.

For more information about the Mantoux test, you can access information at this link. For more information about TB in children can access information at this link.

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