X-ray Detection Of Heart Disease?

Illustration of X-ray Detection Of Heart Disease?
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Doctor, when someone experiences symptoms of heart disease (chest tightness, cold sweat, fatigue, etc.) and wants to confirm that the symptom is heart disease or not, can it be detected by chest x-ray and ask the radiologist? Because at my place a heart doctor is rather difficult. Thanks.

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Hello Mrs. Fani! Thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

Disorders of the heart can be caused by weak heart muscle, heart blood vessel disorders, or structural abnormalities of the heart from birth. Not all disorders of the heart can provide a specific image on X-rays. Often times the typical picture on the X-ray will appear only when the disease has been going on for a long time or has become severe. In other words, if the X-ray is normal, it does not mean that the patient's heart is healthy. In addition, it should be borne in mind that a radiology specialist only has the competence to interpret the images in the radiological examination results intended for clinicians (doctors who recommend radiological examinations). Radiologists cannot provide a diagnosis and treatment for heart disease.

For the initial examination, you can come or take the patient to a general practitioner. The doctor will carry out direct examinations, especially on the heart and lungs. Symptom interviews and in-person examinations are used to determine whether symptoms are due to abnormalities in the heart or other organs. If a heart defect is suspected, you may be referred to a cardiologist or an internist, depending on which one is easier for you to reach. Another option that can be done is that you can come directly to the nearest internal medicine specialist. Like heart doctors, internal medicine doctors also have the ability to diagnose and treat heart disease. If there is a serious disorder or difficult to treat, you may be referred to a more complete facility.

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