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In the afternoon I have checked the xray with the results of Jatung not enlarged CTR u0026lt; 50% Aorta and superior mediastium not wideningTracheal in the middle Secondary hillus not thickened Bronchovascular damage of both lungs slightly coarse Minimal infiltrate in right right border Secondary hemidiafragma smooth Slightly in the middle of the eye

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Hello dimas,

Thank you for the question.

From the results of the chest X-ray that you give, in general the appearance in the organs in your chest room such as the heart and lungs is relatively good, but there are some things that need to be considered, especially in the lung organs. This is the presence of bronchovascular patterns or branches in the pulmonary tract and minimal perihiler infiltrate or small peripheral edges in the lung.

A rough bronchovascular pattern can mean inflammation of the lung branches that can be caused by infections such as bronchitis. Meanwhile, infiltrates are abnormal substances that accumulate in a tissue that is unlike other normal tissues. Infiltrates usually have a higher concentration than air, such as pus, blood, or protein, and are usually associated with diseases such as pneumonia or tuberculosis.

Therefore, you should confirm further with the doctor who examined you, because the conclusions given must be adjusted to the history of your complaints, the results of physical examinations, and the results of other supporting examinations if done like a blood test.

Hopefully this information can help and hopefully get well soon.


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