X-ray Examination Results?

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Impression: duplex accompanied by right cavity of the lung

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First of all, I want to confirm, your explanation of the impression obtained from your lung x-ray seems incomplete. What explanation is there in front of the word duplex? Duplex only explains that there is "something" in both lungs. Meanwhile cavitas means that there is a hole in your right lung.

Causes of cavity in the lungs, among others

Pulmonary infections such as tuberculosis, fungal infections, or parasitic infections
non-infectious causes such as lung malignancy, autoimmune disease, or infarction due to pulmonary embolism

We recommend bringing the x-ray results back to the doctor who requested an examination. The diagnosis of a disease cannot be made only from a radiological examination, but rather must be based on symptoms, physical examination, and other investigations. For example, tuberculosis can not only be diagnosed from lung X-rays, but it must be found the appropriate symptoms accompanied by sputum smear examination (acid-resistant bacteria) or sputum culture.

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