X-ray Examination Results Of Cough Sufferers Never Stop?

Illustration of X-ray Examination Results Of Cough Sufferers Never Stop?
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Greetings! R nI want to ask, 3 weeks ago I was hospitalized because of typhus and my cough didn’t stop until the doctor suggested x-rays. I have X-rays but my doctor’s and campus schedules are always not right. R nRontgent results; r nAsymmetrical photo, sufficient inspiration, good penetration r nTrachea in the middle r nSoft tissue in normal brick r nSkeletal looks scoliosis thoracic vertebrae r nCor does not appear enlarged (CTR u0026lt; 50%) r nSinuses and diaphragm are normal. r nPulmo: r nHili normal. r nBronchovascular scars appear to be increased r nDoes not appear to be infiltrates / nodule. r nThere was no visible lobulated perihiler / paratracheal opaque shadow. r n r nFrom these results, what kind of pain am I having? r nMy symptoms are coughing sometimes with phlegm, sometimes dry. Recently, I have phlegm but the liquid is white but I feel like I want to keep phlegm out. Kadanf chest hurts too. R nThank you

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Cough Cough can be caused due to various causes. To diagnose a disease, it cannot only be done based on x-rays alone. To diagnose a disease requires direct physical examination, and to be required to see x-rays directly.

From the X-rays you have given, your X-rays are still normal or may show bronchitis. Increased bronchovascular tone can indicate something normal, but it can also occur due to several diseases such as chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, heart pump disorders.

So that from the situation you are experiencing, the cough and cough symptoms you experience are accompanied by phlegm and X-rays that you are doing are suggestive of bronchitis. Bronchitis is an inflammation of the bronchi. Bronchitis is a disease that occurs quite often. Bronchitis is affected due to exposure to cigarette smoke, pollution. Bronchitis usually causes symptoms such as cough with phlegm with yellowish white phlegm, tightness, discomfort in the chest.

therefore, to determine the exact cause of the condition you are experiencing, then you should consult directly with your doctor. Thus the doctor can provide a more precise explanation of your situation.

It is recommended that you use a mask when you are outside the house. avoid exposure to secondhand smoke, and don't smoke. consume enough fruits and vegetables.

Here's an article that you can read about bronchitis

may be useful. thank you

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