X-ray Examination Results

Illustration of X-ray Examination Results
Illustration: X-ray Examination Results

Good evening doctor. Want to ask doc. If the x-ray results suggest the heart is normal border and minimal suspension of broncopneumpnia lesion. What if such an impression is included in the category of TB doc. thank you

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Hello Wulan,

Thank you for the question.

It needs to be understood first, X-ray examination is only supporting the diagnosis. Therefore, the interpretation of the results of this examination should ideally be confirmed directly by comparing it to the clinical symptoms that appear as well as the results of other investigations performed, such as blood tests, sputum testing, and so on. So, the one who has the most right and most appropriate answer your question, is actually the doctor who examines you directly.

In general, if written on the results of your x-ray examination you experience a minimum of bronchopneumonia lesion, then it means that your lungs have inflammation, or by ordinary people often called wet lungs. Pneumonia can be a variety of possible triggers, the most common are infections (such as viruses, bacteria, or other microorganisms) and aspiration (entry of foreign objects into the lungs). Clinically, sufferers will often experience coughing, fever, chest pain, spasms, excessive sweating, and many other symptoms.

Bronchopneumonia is different from TB (tuberculosis). TB occurs when Mycobacterium tuberculosis infects the body, can get to the lungs, can also to other organ systems. Clinically, the symptoms of pulmonary TB can be very similar to bronchopneumonia, as can the X-ray appearance. Therefore, as we have explained above, you should consult this matter directly with your doctor, lung doctor, or internist who is examining you.

I hope this helps.

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