X-ray Of The Back Of The Waist?

Illustration of X-ray Of The Back Of The Waist?
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Tonight Doctor, I was after a back waist X-ray & u; The conclusion: “Slight hyperlordotic lumbar curve ” ,, what is the medical language ?? u0026amp; if I may know how to handle it ?? Thank you.

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Hi Ratna,

Slight hyperlordotic lumbar curve is a condition of the lower lumbar (curved) bone that is curved inward. This condition can occur to anyone, complaints and symptoms that arise depend on how heavy the curvature occurs. Here are some things that can cause these conditions:

Bad posture
Obesity (overweight)
Bone loss
Spinal disorders, for example spondylolisthesis

Handling of lordosis conditions is adjusted to how severe lordosis occurs and the patient's age. If the complaints that arise and lordosis that occurs are not too severe then the doctor can recommend a physiotherapy procedure and overcome the possible causes of lordosis. If the conditions that arise are very disturbing, the doctor can recommend surgical procedures to treat lordosis.

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May be useful,

dr. Budiono

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