X-ray Side Effects In Babies?

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Hello. is there actually a limit to the age of X-rays in babies? and what are the side effects if the newborn is x-rayed? thanks.

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Provided there is a proper underlying medical indication, X-rays, or what is often called an X-ray, can be done at any age without a minimum age limit. This examination is performed using X-rays to take a 2-dimensional view of the internal organs of the body. Usually, this examination is done to evaluate disorders of the respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular, bones, teeth, and so on.

Much research has been done to identify the adverse effects of X-rays on babies. And based on these studies, it is proven that the risk of harm that may arise from X-ray examination is relatively very small when compared to the benefits that can be obtained by the examination itself. The possible dangers that can arise are the risk of genetic mutations or malignancy (cancer). In addition, if the examination is carried out using additional substances (for example, contrast fluid), there may also be an allergic reaction to these substances, which can be characterized by skin rashes, itching, shortness of breath, vomiting, and anaphylactic shock. However, it needs to be emphasized once again, that the possibility of the above risks is very small. Usually, this risk occurs when a person is exposed to very large doses of X-ray radiation for a long time. If you only undergo an occasional examination, of course this potential danger can be minimized.

Therefore, it needs to be clear, what are the indications for X-ray examinations in babies that you mean? Is the examination recommended directly by the examining doctor?

If it is true that there are medical indications that require it, then you should follow the doctor's advice. The only contraindication to having an X-ray is pregnancy. If the patient is not pregnant, and the medical condition requires further tests such as X-rays, then this examination should be carried out. Doctors who examine babies directly, of course, better understand the best steps that need to be taken for the health of their patients. So, consult directly with the examining doctor ...

I hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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