X-ray X-ray Examination Results?

Illustration of X-ray X-ray Examination Results?
Illustration: X-ray X-ray Examination Results? healthcheckup.com

Good evening. My mother just came out of the hospital and there was an X-ray result. I didn’t understand the results. Here the results are: Normal bronchovascular – Appearance of movement in the lower right lung field – cranialisation Cardiomegaly impression without lung dam Right right bronchopneumonia. to the doctor while on ji was already been rushed home. Please help, doctor … Thank you

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Basically the results of radiological examination should be discussed directly with the treating doctor because the doctor is more aware of the clinical condition and history of your mother's disease. Radiological examination such as chest X-ray is only as an assistant diagnosis of the disease, while for definitive diagnosis, in addition to supporting examination also requires anamnesis and physical examination.

From the results of your mother's chest X-ray, it is found that there is an enlarged heart (cardiomegaly). Heart enlargement itself can occur due to many possibilities, including:

high blood pressure (hypertension)
heart valve disorders
pericardial effusion
other diseases, such as chronic anemia, hemochromatosis, thyroid hormone disorders, etc.

In addition to the presence of an enlarged heart, also found an infection in your mother's right lung (bronchopneumonia).

In general, after treatment, the doctor will ask your mother to return to the polyclinic for further examination and management, including seeing whether her bronchopneumonia condition has improved with the therapy given, and conducting further tests to find the cause of cardiomegaly. It is best to keep control to the doctor according to the schedule given even though your mother is feeling well, because looking for cardiomegaly and controlling or managing the cause is very important. If it is not managed properly, the heart may become enlarged and decreased in function.

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