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Good evening doctor, prosperous, I am a man aged 59 years old this morning doing x-ray lumbosacral ap and its results: – paraspinal musculospasm – widening DIV VL5 – VS 1 of the results. The above mentioned mean what and how to cure how … Thank you doctor for the answer, I wait…

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Good evening, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. The back is composed of several components, among which are the puffer bones, nerves, and DIV or intervertebral discs which are also called spinal cushions. For more convenience, you can see the image below.

Various problems can arise in the pads shown in blue in the picture. Among them are thinning, widening or bulging, degeneration processes and so forth. From the x-ray results you do get paraspinal musculospasm which means muscle tension around the spine and widening of DIV VL5-VS1 which means there is bulging on the spinal cushions in the VL5-VS1 position, which is around the lower back or above the buttocks.

Widening can be caused by various things, ranging from the aging process, injury, accident or direct hit on the part, genetic or hereditary, and make repetitive movements, such as poor posture, lifting weights that are too heavy, muscle imbalances and others- other.

So in fact the results of this investigation are still not yet showing what illness you are suffering from. It still has to be combined again with the main complaint, history digging, as well as a physical examination that has been done before to find out what you are actually experiencing. Our advice, submit these results back to your doctor, to be concluded and selected the most appropriate treatment. Handling can take the form of oral medication, therapy, to surgery depending on the cause and severity. If you have just checked yourself into a general practitioner before, this time check your condition to the bone doctor.

Meanwhile, there is no need to worry too much, maintain ideal body weight, lose weight if you are overweight, avoid stress and cigarette smoke, multiply the consumption of water, vegetables and fruit, if there is pain, consume drugs given by your doctor to be able to buy pain medication and anti-inflammatory which is sold freely by first reading the rules of use listed, warm compresses, and reduce physical activity such as lifting heavy loads. So, hopefully answering your question.

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