X-rays During Pregnancy, Is It Safe?

Illustration of X-rays During Pregnancy, Is It Safe?
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If I am pregnant, what about bone control which must be x-rayed once every 6 months? Do you have to stop the X-rays?

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X-rays are used to view bones using X-rays or X-rays. X-ray examination is not recommended for pregnant women. The safety of X-rays for use during pregnancy depends on the type of x-ray performed, the amount of radiation produced, and direct exposure to radiation to the fetus, radiation dose, and gestational age.

Exposure to radiation used by x-rays may harm your fetus. This risk increases in the first trimester of pregnancy, when the first trimester of fetal vital organs is being formed.

The higher the radiation test, the greater the risk to the fetus. However, some X-rays in general do not cause serious problems to the fetus. For example, a dental X-ray uses a 0.01 millirad strength of X-rays. A chest X-ray, for example, uses an X-ray of about 60 millirads. If the number of rad is greater, the risk to the fetus will also be greater. Radiation exposure known to be harmful to the fetus is radiation exposure> 5 rad.

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the radiation exposure produced by X-rays whether it is on your stomach or uterus, if you are not directly exposed, such as X-rays of the legs, the arm will be safer to do. However, if X-rays are done on the abdomen, it can increase the risk of threats to the fetus.

Therefore unnecessary X-rays or x-rays should not be done while you are pregnant. If you have to do an X-ray consult the orthopedic doctor who performed the operation on you that you are pregnant, so that the doctor will consider the right time for the X-ray, for example after you give birth, if indeed the X-ray can wait. The doctor will certainly consider the welfare of you and your fetus.

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