X-rays With Pneumonia?

Illustration of X-rays With Pneumonia?
Illustration: X-rays With Pneumonia? med-ed.virginia.edu

Good night doctor. I have a question about lungs and white blood cells. Earlier my friend did a medical check-up and the results of the medical check-up showed that the lungs have minimal patchy infiltrates in the left and right paracardinal where the end result is lung inflammation and for the blood test results show if the number of eosinophils and monocytes in white blood cells has a number of exceeds the normal limit while for the number of neutrophils is less than the normal limit. What I need to ask is whether there is an effect on this number on lung inflammation that is suffered? thank you

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Hi Lunatic,

X-ray results that suggest lung inflammation (patchy infiltrate) can be caused by several conditions such as the following:

Pulmonary infection (pneumonia)
Tuberculosis infection
Pulmonary edema

White blood cells are blood cells that have a major role in the immune process. Low white blood cells can cause a person susceptible to diseases such as infections, on the contrary the white blood cells which are greatly increased can be caused by the body is fighting the disease or due to interference with the production of white blood cells, therefore it is very possible the condition of changing levels of these white blood cells related to lung inflammation that occurs.

However, the examination is only a supporting examination and still needs to be adjusted to the results of physical examination and medical interviews (history taking) so that conclusions can be drawn. Your friend should consult directly with the doctor about the results of the examination in order to get appropriate information about the overall health condition.

May be useful,

dr. Budiono

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