Years Of Epilepsy Haven’t Changed.?

Illustration of Years Of Epilepsy Haven’t Changed.?
Illustration: Years Of Epilepsy Haven’t Changed.?

In 2015, I was sentenced to brain tuberculosis (there was an infection in the brain) I had followed all the examinations. Until finally the doctor said there was no infection, and in the verdict of epilepsy Because I still often have seizures. Even now. All of my body aches, especially my left hand and leg. During sleep sometimes my brain feels like an electric shock. When squatting from the hips to the feet immediately nyut2an. I can’t move normally because I always feel pain in my body. Is my epilepsy severe or what? I feel tired, want to recover. Too many drugs go in until the stomach acid also goes up … stomach hurts.

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Epilepsy is a disturbance in the abnormal electrical impulse activity of the brain. The condition of epilepsy can cause seizure disorders, behavior accompanied by consciousness that can change, to the loss of consciousness. This disorder can be caused by tissue abnormalities in the brain, chemical imbalances in the brain, can also be influenced by a person's genetic makeup.

The symptoms of seizures experienced by a person occur if there is an epileptic focus on the active brain even though there is no corresponding impulse, so it manifests in the form of seizures. Pain that feels like electric shock, tingling, or burning can be caused by disorders of the nervous system (neuropathic pain). Disorders of the nervous system can be caused by pinched nerves, infections of the nervous system, or disorders of the other nervous system.

Epilepsy can be controlled by using anti-epileptic drugs to prevent and reduce the occurrence of seizures, but epileptic focus cannot be removed with medication. There are studies that support the function of antiepileptic drugs that can help reduce neuropathic pain. (1) Keep in mind that epilepsy can occur at any time and cannot be predicted.

It is recommended to keep taking anti-epileptic drugs regularly and not stop taking drugs because epilepsy can recur, if there are side effects of treatment or complaints can consult a neurologist about your treatment.

Need to be studied about the condition of your stomach acid. If indeed stomach acid occurs due to treatment then it should be informed to the doctor so that treatment can be reviewed. However, if stomach acid disorders occur due to disturbed eating patterns, it is advisable to eat foods with smaller portions and more frequent frequencies, avoid the consumption of spicy and sour foods, reduce consumption of drinks containing caffeine and alcohol. In addition, keep in mind loud sounds and sudden bright lights can trigger epileptic focus activities.

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