Yellow Baby At 12 Days?

my baby was 12 days old he had yellow even though he was breastfeeding smoothly and was often dried in the sun … Dr. was born sleeping and was not active enough for 2 days breastfeeding often choked and seemed lazy to suckle

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Hello, good morning Mrs. Neng ...

Yellow (jaundice) in newborns is a common case. Generally the cause of this condition is physiological conditions, or in other words reasonable conditions occur. This is related to the function of the liver / liver in newborns that are still not perfect, so that there is a disruption in conjugating bilirubin, which is a substance in the body which one of them has the role of giving a yellowish color to the urine. As a result, there is a buildup of bilirubin levels in the blood (so this condition is also called neonatal hyperbilirubinemia / NH), which causes the baby's body to appear yellow.

Lack of breast milk intake can also cause a yellow condition in newborns, this condition is called breastfeeding jaundice. However, newborns who get enough milk can also experience yellow, this condition is called breast milk jaundice. Breast milk jaundice occurs because the baby's body has not adapted to the breast milk content that it gets. Generally both breastfeeding and breastfeeding are not harmful, and yellow in infants due to these two conditions will slowly disappear within two to four weeks (as breast milk intake increases).

Other conditions that can also cause jaundice in newborns are blood groups or rhesusdarah which differ between mother and baby, infections, baby blood cell disorders, liver damage, deficiency (deficiency) of G6 enzymes in the blood, congenital hypothyroid conditions (lack of thyroid hormone congenital), and so on. These conditions are not physiological / reasonable conditions and need direct examination to determine these conditions.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you check your child directly to the doctor or to the pediatrician to ascertain whether the yellow that your child is experiencing is a normal / normal condition or it actually indicates a certain abnormality. The doctor will ask questions about complaints and also do a physical examination. If deemed necessary, the doctor will usually recommend a blood test, to measure the level of bilirubin in the baby's blood, assess the possibility of differences in blood type or rhesus as a yellow cause, assess the possibility of enzyme deficiency or abnormalities in blood cells, and so on.

Babies who experience yellow do tend to appear less active, sleep more often, and are lazy to suckle. Even so, parents still need to wake the baby and give milk to the baby, at least once every three hours. Don't forget to be careful when breastfeeding so the baby doesn't choke. Always be aware of signs of danger in yellow babies, such as fever, the baby is difficult to wake up, the baby does not want to suckle, vomiting, the skin is getting yellow, and spasms. If there are any of these signs, check with your child immediately to the pediatrician or emergency department.

We also need to say that drying the baby (in the sun) is not a treatment for yellow babies, because the wavelength of the sun's rays is not able to break the bilirubin bond which causes the baby to turn yellow. To be able to handle yellow in infants (at certain bilirubin levels), the treatment is by exposing the baby to blue light (Blue Light Therapy) or photo therapy. In more severe cases, transfusion can be needed.

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