Yellow Discharge From The Wound From The Fall?

Illustration of Yellow Discharge From The Wound From The Fall?
Illustration: Yellow Discharge From The Wound From The Fall?

, I want to ask r nKnp after I applied gentamicin sulfate my wound came out wet discharge and yellow mucus like pus ???

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Hello Fajrin,

Gentamicin is an antibiotic that is used to treat bacterial infections. Ointments containing antibiotics are also used in wound care to prevent the wound from becoming infected.

In your case, you need to determine whether the yellow discharge is pus or not. If the pus comes out, it is possible that the wound will have an infection and require further treatment by a doctor, for example with special wound care and giving oral / drinking antibiotics.

The fluid that comes out of the wound if it tends to be clear and odorless, it is possible that the fluid is blood plasma. The presence of blood plasma in the wound is still within normal limits, which indicates that the wound is in the process of healing and this fluid will be less and less along with the healing process.

If you use a yellow antiseptic solution or use a yellow ointment, a yellow liquid may appear as a result of the applied medicine, such as rivanol.

To treat wounds caused by falls, you can do the following tips:

Wash your hands thoroughly before and after treating wounds
Clean the wound with NaCl infusion if available, if not available, use clean running water
Make sure there are no foreign objects in the wound such as gravel, sand
Compress with NaCl if available
Dry the wound with sterile gauze
Apply an antibiotic ointment or ointment from your doctor
If the wound is small and does not have the potential to get dirty with dust, the wound can be left open, but if the wound has the potential to get dust or dirty, it is better if the wound is covered with sterile gauze first when outdoors, the gauze can be opened at home.
If the gauze is difficult to open, first wet the gauze with NaCl so that it is easier to open
Keep the wound dry
Eat healthy and nutritious foods that are high in protein to promote healing

If the discharge is pus, or you feel severe pain, swelling, redness in the wound, you should check with the nearest doctor so that further tests can be done on the condition of the wound. The doctor will provide appropriate treatment according to the condition of your wound, for example with further wound care, pain relief, and if necessary, oral antibiotics are given to treat infection in the wound.

Hope this helps,

Thank you

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