Yellow Eyes Accompanied By Brown Spots And Sore?

Illustration of Yellow Eyes Accompanied By Brown Spots And Sore?
Illustration: Yellow Eyes Accompanied By Brown Spots And Sore?

, I’m 22 years old. My left eye is slightly yellowed and there is a brownish flak in the white left corner. It feels sometimes the eyes are sore, rather hot, and lumpy. I guess why. And what is the solution. Thank you

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The complaints of your left eye turn yellow and there are brownish spots, and followed by complaints accompanying sore eyes, a little hot and lumpy, this condition is likely to be triggered by inflammation of your eyes. But it needs to be ascertained, is there really a complaint that your eyes look yellowish, because other medical conditions can also trigger complaints that are almost the same. Need to do a direct examination by your family doctor or your eye doctor. Without a direct inspection, the cause of this complaint cannot be ascertained.

If you can identify the triggers for this complaint, then you need to avoid some things that you might know as a trigger, such as:

 Physical fatigue Lack of sleep While the possibility of inflammation in your eyes can also be triggered by:

 Eye infections Foreign entry of eyes in the eye Tired eyes Eye trauma or inflammation of the pterygium, where excessive growth of the outer layer of the eye occurs While in eyes that change color to yellow, this condition is often caused by disorders of the liver, such as hepatitis B virus infection. or liver failure as in the case of hepatic cirrhosis. In addition, the rupture of red blood cells can also cause yellowish eye complaints. Abnormalities in bile can also cause yellow eyes, such as blockages in the bile duct. All of these conditions cannot be ascertained without carrying out a direct examination with the help of your doctor. So doing a visit and direct examination will help the diagnosis and treatment process that is right for you.

The doctor will do a physical examination, then a supporting examination will be performed, such as a blood test, ultrasound examination or scan examination. The results of the examination will be a reference for your care and treatment. That way, your doctor can provide recommendations for you regarding your diet, treatment and recovery.

For now, some other business you can also do until you see your doctor, such as:

 Avoid your hands holding your eyes If you have to hold, use tissue and dispose after use Avoid sleep late at night Avoid eye fatigue and avoid physical fatigue Avoid using eye medication without your ophthalmologist's advice Use glasses during the treatment period Thus the info we can convey.

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