Yellow Eyes Yellow Body?

Illustration of Yellow Eyes Yellow Body?
Illustration: Yellow Eyes Yellow Body?

yellow eyes yellow body a lot of alcoholic drinks I’m age 24 dangerous or not?

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Hello Chello

Yellow skin color is not always a health problem, because there are people who have a slightly yellowish skin color which is often known as olive. However, the white part of the eyeball (sclera) in healthy condition will be white regardless of the skin color of the person. So if the sclera turns yellow, it is necessary to be aware of health problems.

If a person who used to have no yellow skin and eyes not yellow, but is now yellow, they are suspected of having a medical condition known as jaundice. You should check with your doctor first to make sure that it is true that you have jaundice or not.

Jaundice is generally associated with problems with the liver / liver, such as hepatitis due to infection, hepatitis due to alcohol, hepatitis due to drugs, disorders of the bile ducts, to disorders of the pancreas, blood disorders, yellow fever.

Although it is not certain what condition causes you to jaundice, drinking alcohol should be avoided as much as possible, because even if the cause of jaundice is not due to alcohol, for example due to hepatitis infection, drinking alcohol will worsen existing conditions. Because the liver has been damaged and is forced to work harder when you consume alcohol.

Check with your doctor to determine your health condition, whether including jaundice or not, and if it is really jaundice to find out what is the source of the cause. The suggestions for Chelloa are as much as possible avoid drinking alcohol, smoking, consuming instant food and beverage products, and getting enough sleep (8 hours a day), and make sure to drink more than 8 glasses of water every day.

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