Yellow Mucus Came Out In A Cesarean Section 3 Years Ago?

Illustration of Yellow Mucus Came Out In A Cesarean Section 3 Years Ago?
Illustration: Yellow Mucus Came Out In A Cesarean Section 3 Years Ago?

Doctor. I’ve had a 3-time fault. The last was 3 years ago. But for the past few days I have seen yellow mucus, but not thick and the fault is rather reddish. In the past 3 boobiness after the cesarean was still there like blood, it was cured and now it is recovering but appears lighter. How to treat it doctor. In the past I was given what I forgot.

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Hello Betri,

Thank you for asking

Cataract surgery scars that are reddish and produce yellowish mucus most likely indicate an infection. This infection is prone to occur in sores that are quite deep, including cesarean section wounds. Poor personal hygiene, decreased immune system, inadequate wound care, and many other factors can increase the risk of this infection. Not only do you blush and expel abnormal mucus, a secondary infection in a cesarean section can also make you feel pain, swelling, to a fever and chills.

Your condition should be checked directly to a doctor or dermatologist. Simply by looking directly at the condition of your wound, often the doctor is able to provide the right treatment. However, if deemed necessary, the doctor may also recommend you a number of supporting tests, for example laboratory tests, examination of mucus that comes out of the wound, ultrasound, and so on.

In the meantime, you should first do the following trick:

Do not hold cesarean section scars with dirty hands Clean out phlegm with sterile gauze soaked with NaCl or povidone iodine Always wear clean, dry, and loose clothing. Never use excessive physical activity. Eat healthy, nutritionally balanced foods. Don't smoke Don't drink carelessly. medicine without a prescription

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