Yellow Teeth Hard To White?

Illustration of Yellow Teeth Hard To White?
Illustration: Yellow Teeth Hard To White?

I was 17 since I entered high school my teeth turned yellow and hard white. I have used various toothpastes that can whiten teeth, drink lots of water, try natural methods, etc. Still don’t want white, how do I whiten my teeth other than by bleaching? I also don’t like and don’t drink caffeine, let alone smoking. thanks.

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Hello, rhanii_intan, thank you for asking

Yellow teeth can be caused by several things, for example due to aging which causes the enamel layer (which is white on the teeth) to thin, the effect of dyes in certain foods / drinks (some researchers say that food / drinks that can leave stains on white clothes can also leave stains on teeth, for example: light-colored fruits, coffee, tea, wine, candy, soft drinks), smoking habits, foods / drinks that are too acidic, poor dental hygiene, and consumption of certain drugs (antihistamines, tetracyclines, pressure-lowering drugs, antipsychotic drugs). Some people also have a congenital tendency to have yellow teeth.

Teeth whitening / also called bleaching, can be done in several ways, with natural methods that can be done at home or at the dentist. Natural methods include maintaining oral hygiene, diligently gargling with baking soda, brushing your teeth with toothpaste containing whitening, drinking using a straw, and avoiding things that cause yellowing of your teeth (as explained above). For details, please read the article "whiten teeth naturally".

Meanwhile, the dentist performs bleaching by applying a gel or gum protector, then giving a whitening product that contains hydrogen peroxide. There is also a method of laser beams that are shot at your teeth. However, it needs to be understood that the teeth whitening method cannot be done only once, in many people it must be done repeatedly as recommended by your dentist. Teeth whitening methods often have no side effects, but the possible effect is teeth becoming more sensitive.

For that, if you have done the natural method repeatedly on a regular basis but have not shown results, you can consult a dentist by having your teeth checked first.

That's all, hopefully it's useful.

Greetings, dr. Sarah Rizqia.

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