Yellow Vaginal Discharge That Comes Out After Intercourse?

Illustration of Yellow Vaginal Discharge That Comes Out After Intercourse?
Illustration: Yellow Vaginal Discharge That Comes Out After Intercourse?

mlm, I want to ask, I abs having sex then, after 2 days miss v I came out yellowish but it doesn’t smell and doesn’t itchy why yes and it’s been 4 days, it’s the effect after having connected knowing how then how to stop how yes, it’s dangerous no ,, thanks

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HAi Piya,

Thank you for asking

The discharge of yellowish fluid is not always related to sexual activity that you have experienced before. It could also be, this yellowish liquid is part of a normal vaginal discharge. Leucorrhoea is produced from secretions of the glands found around the reproductive organs. Under reasonable conditions, vaginal discharge will be clear to white. However, this vaginal discharge can also turn yellow when attached to underwear and is oxidized by free air.

If the yellowish fluid comes out in small amounts, without the smell and also itching, you may not need to worry about this. Residual fluid ejaculation and vaginal lubrication that are still left behind after sexual intercourse, hormonal changes before menstruation, physical or psychological stress, and various other factors can also make this vaginal discharge come out more.

You can try first to apply the following steps so that your complaint improves:

Take a clean and orderly shower
Also clean your pubic area well, by using good quality water, without using any vaginal deodorizer products
Change your underwear regularly
Choose the type of underwear that is comfortable and absorbs sweat
Also use pants that are not tight and clean
Never engage in abusive sexual activities, such as having sex with a partner whose sexual history is unknown
Do not use drugs carelessly to treat vaginal discharge
Calm yourself so as not to stress
Always live a healthy lifestyle, including by drinking enough food and eating nutritiously balanced foods

If the complaint does not improve within 3 days, or if the amount of fluid that comes out increases, accompanied by itching and unpleasant odors, you should be aware of the possibility of irritation, infection, and even malignancy in your reproductive organs. Therefore, you can consult yourself directly to a doctor or obstetrician so that the best treatment is given in accordance with the conditions that underlie your complaint.

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