Yellowing, Swollen Feet, And Nausea When Eating?

Illustration of Yellowing, Swollen Feet, And Nausea When Eating?
Illustration: Yellowing, Swollen Feet, And Nausea When Eating?

Hello, I want to ask! My mama’s eyes turn yellow and her legs are swollen, then her body is yellowing. Her body feels weak day by day. Her appetite also decreases. If you eat a little rice it feels like going to vomit. Could you give the solution. Thank you.

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Hello Eka Wijayanti, thank you for the question.

Yellowing of the eyes and body is usually caused by increased levels of bilirubin produced in the liver or a problematic release. Increased bilirubin levels will also cause nausea, vomiting, no appetite, weight loss, weakness, etc. This can be caused by:

Hepatic impairment: Hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, hepatoma

Gallbladder disorders: gallstones, malignancies, etc.
Pancreatic disorders: pancreatitis, malignancy, etc.
Blood disorders, such as hemolytic anemia

The use of drugs that can damage the liver

Because there are so many causes of yellow, it is better to ascertain the cause of the complaint, consult an internist immediately, the doctor will conduct a question and answer regarding complaints, physical examination, and some additional examinations if needed, such as laboratory tests, ultrasound, CT scan, etc. -other. Handling will be tailored to the cause. Some things you can do at home include:

Sufficient fluid needs
Eat healthy and nutritious foods, low in fat, rich in protein
Avoid packaged foods
Avoid cigarettes and alcohol
Exercise regularly
Enough rest

Thus, hopefully useful.

-dr. Nova

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