Yellowish White Discharge, Thick And Smelly?

Illustration of Yellowish White Discharge, Thick And Smelly?
Illustration: Yellowish White Discharge, Thick And Smelly? Bing

,rnrnI’m Irza. I am 14 years old. I have yellowish white discharge, thick, smelly and thick but not itchy since I was 12 years old. I think these symptoms will end when I’ve had my period. But not. I still have it for 2 years.rnrnMy panties are wet because of the whiteness so I regularly wear pantyliners every time I travel but I don’t use them when I’m at home because they say wearing pantyliners every day is not good. Am I doing the right thing?rnrnIs this a dangerous disease? What should I do to make this vaginal discharge disappear?

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Hi Irzafalina

Thank you for your question

Vaginal discharge both in adolescence and adulthood can be caused by various things. Whitish itself is a thick discharge from the vagina and from the uterine cavity (womb). Generally, normal vaginal discharge is watery, not viscous, colorless, and odorless. Usually this normal vaginal discharge appears during the fertile period or during breastfeeding. This normal vaginal discharge is also usually not accompanied by accompanying symptoms such as itching, the appearance of redness or spots around the vagina. If this kind of accompanying symptoms appear or if the vaginal discharge is different than usual (in your case the vaginal discharge appears yellowish and thick), then it is most likely not a normal vaginal discharge, especially if your vaginal discharge lasts for up to 2 (two) years. This abnormal vaginal discharge can be caused mainly by bacterial infections (chlamydia, bacterial vaginosis and gonorrhoea), fungal infections (candida), protozoan infections (Trichomonas vaginalis), or viral infections (herpes virus and human papilloma virus). Apart from infection, there are several things that can cause vaginal discharge, such as:

irritation to certain materials such as (sperm, lubricants, condoms, laundry soap, fabric softener, deodorants, soaps, antiseptic bath fluids, vaginal cleaners, tights, colored toilet paper). the presence of a tumor or other abnormal tissue in the female organs. radiation process (usually in patients with cancer or other malignant diseases). Because the causes are quite a lot, so it's best to find out the cause of the vaginal discharge that you are experiencing, then you should check with your doctor to get the appropriate treatment. Usually the doctor will advise you to do a vaginal discharge examination or urine examination to assess the cause of the vaginal discharge you are experiencing. Because long-term infections like yours are at risk of causing infections in the uterus and other reproductive organs, sometimes an ultrasound examination of the abdomen is also necessary, if it is suspected that your uterus has an infection as well.

You must get treatment immediately, considering that this abnormal vaginal discharge can spread to other reproductive organs and is at risk of causing fertility problems. Self-medication depends on the cause of vaginal discharge, for example, if it is caused by an infection, then the treatment depends on the type of microorganism causing the infection. If it is due to fungus or candida, antifungal drugs such as nystatin or other drugs will be given. Meanwhile, due to a bacterial infection, anti-bacterial drugs will be given. You will also be given medicine by the doctor to overcome accompanying complaints such as anti-pain, reducing itching and so on. In addition to medical problems, while at home you must maintain the cleanliness of your feminine area. The use of the pantyliner you describe is also not a problem, as long as the pantyliner is changed regularly.

You should immediately consult your nearest doctor.

Hope this answer helps

dr. Aldy Valentino

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