You Can Do To Speed Up Wound Healing?

Illustration of You Can Do To Speed Up Wound Healing?
Illustration: You Can Do To Speed Up Wound Healing?

I’ve had almost a month of surgery for my broken finger to be pinched by a press machine, but I haven’t pulled the thread out yet, if I eat shellfish it does not affect my finger wound,

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Hello, Windy Fransiska, thank you for asking

The speed of the wound healing process depends on several things, such as the type of wound, the individual condition (for example, in diabetics it will usually take longer to heal, patients with blood clotting disorders, or other diseases), the cleanliness of the wound, and the location where the wound occurs (for example in the leg usually. longer than at hand). Actually there are no foods that are specifically challenged to heal wounds faster. The most important thing is to eat nutritious and clean food, not allergic, and specifically to accelerate wound healing, it is recommended to eat foods high in protein such as sea fish, egg whites, and others. Shellfish itself is a good source of protein. Provided you are not allergic to shellfish and the shellfish you eat is well cooked (you should not eat raw clams) and fresh, shellfish are safe to eat and good for helping with wound healing.

What's good to do to speed up healing of your suture wound is:

1. Keep the wound clean

2. Routine control of stitches and bandages at the doctor as directed

3. Routinely take medication from a doctor as directed

4. Do not move the stitched part too often so that the stitches will join together quickly

5. Eat more protein sources and maintain a nutritional balance

6. If the wound is wet, dirty, pus appears, smells, gets red and painful, it is very itchy, go to a doctor immediately

That's all, hopefully it's useful.

Greetings, dr. Sarah Rizqia.

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