You Can See A Cyst-like Lump Through The MCU?

Illustration of You Can See A Cyst-like Lump Through The MCU?
Illustration: You Can See A Cyst-like Lump Through The MCU?

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A mass or sac in the uterus (uterus) can be caused by conditions that are benign (benign) or malignant (cancer), including:

Uterine fibroids, or myoma, are benign tumors that often occur. These tumors come from the uterine muscle cells that grow abnormally.
Endometrioma, a cyst that forms when endometrial tissue grows on the ovary.
Uterine polyps, abnormal growths of tissue on the inner wall of the uterus or endometrium.
Uterine malignancy or cancer.

Of course, to know for sure the diagnosis of the condition you are experiencing requires direct examination by a doctor. In addition to anamnesis (interview) and physical examination, the doctor will also need supporting examinations to help make a diagnosis. One of them is with an ultrasound (ultrasound) examination, as you have done.

Ultrasound examination is a type of imaging support examination using sound waves. This examination is commonly performed by obstetricians to help evaluate the reproductive system. From the events you described, it seems that the examining doctor has not yet received a definite diagnosis of the condition you are experiencing. This can happen depending on the factors of the equipment used and the operator who carried out the inspection. In addition, in some conditions, ultrasound alone is not enough to help diagnose a disease. So that it requires other supporting examinations. In your case, you may need other investigations such as hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, or curettage and biopsy.

There is no pregnancy bag if you have never had sexual intercourse. Pregnancy bag is one of the differential diagnoses submitted by the doctor. Differential diagnosis is a diagnosis that is obtained after conducting an examination because it has similar signs and symptoms. You can explain to the doctor that you have never had sexual intercourse, so the doctor can rule out the possibility of a pregnancy bag and look for the right diagnosis from other differential diagnoses.

For that you can just follow the advice of the previous doctor who examined, to do another examination 1 month later. It is possible that the doctor will need a repeat examination or additional examination. Or if you need a second opinion from another doctor (second opinion), you can consult and undergo a direct examination. You can get the right opinion and advice from a new doctor after going through an in-person examination.

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