You Feel The Bone Comes Out With Pus In A History Of Fracture?

Illustration of You Feel The Bone Comes Out With Pus In A History Of Fracture?
Illustration: You Feel The Bone Comes Out With Pus In A History Of Fracture?

I’ve had a broken bone. After that, when I had a sore on my thigh like an ulcer. But the strange thing is that small bones with pus come out.

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A fracture in the medical world is called a fracture, which is a condition in which bone tissue is broken (discontinuity) caused by an impact on something hard. Fractures can occur in any part of the bone in the human body. The location and type of fracture require different treatment.

Prompt and precise treatment is needed in cases of fracture to prevent complications, such as malunion (broken bone in an abnormal position), compartment syndrome (swelling and tissue damage in the area of ​​the fracture) or osteomyelitis (bone infection). Treatment should be carried out immediately after the trauma in the Emergency Unit (IGD) by a doctor and using sterile equipment. The treatment in question includes hygienic cleaning of the wound, looking at the depth of the wound, x-rays / x-rays to see the condition of the fracture. Then the doctor will provide advice regarding the bone fixation procedure so that it can be reconnected to the normal position, it can be done by placing a cast or needing a pen insertion operation.

In your case, it is possible that your broken bone became small pieces and then an infection occurred in the area characterized by the development of pus. It is recommended that you immediately see an orthopedic specialist (bones and joints). The doctor will conduct interviews regarding events that caused the bone to fracture, carry out a related physical examination to confirm the condition of the bones and lumps / ulcers that arise, as well as medical supporting examinations such as X-rays and blood tests. Treatment will be given according to the results obtained. It is possible that the doctor will give antibiotics to treat the infection that occurs. Antibiotics must be spent so that the infection can be completely resolved and prevent drug resistance.

Here are some suggestions for you:

Avoid squeezing the area of ​​the boil as this can spread the infection
Avoid doing a lot of movement and putting your weight on the area of ​​the broken bone
Eat healthy and nutritious
Take calcium supplements or high-calcium milk to help with bone recovery
Get enough rest

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