You Have To Pause For How Many Days Before You Can Change Your Face

Illustration of You Have To Pause For How Many Days Before You Can Change Your Face
Illustration: You Have To Pause For How Many Days Before You Can Change Your Face

Good afternoon doc, I want to ask, I have been using a facial treatment applicator product for several days and there is a red jely product named, the more here I see my face using no changes, instead of eating speckled. So here I want to change the soap, do I have to wait a few days to change the face soap or change it immediately. If you may ask for advice doc, what soap should I use to remove acne scars and small spots

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Hello Hilalia,

Thank you for the question.

Speckled face after using certain facial care products can be caused by a natural purging reaction, but it can also indicate that you are allergic to the components of the product or components of the product that are indeed irritating to the skin. It could also be, spots on your skin appear due to other triggers, which are not always related to the use of facial care products, for example due to blackheads, folliculitis, milia, xanthelasma, fungal infections, enlarged skin pores, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, lentigo , melasma, nevi, and so on.

In order to get rid of spots and acne scars on your skin, we recommend that you take the following steps:

Wash your face with a mild cleansing soap, adjusted to your skin type, do not rub excess skin, then rinse with flowing water of good quality --- If you only use this facial washing soap, then you can observe the changes in your skin during 1-4 weeks. You can continue using it if your skin condition seems to improve. Conversely, if your skin condition actually worsens, this soap can be replaced immediately, without having to wait a long time.
Don't forcibly squeeze or squeeze spots and acne scars on the skin
Before your activity, put on sunscreen and moisturizer on your skin, don't use excessive cosmetics
If possible, limit activities outside the home first, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic like this
Do not hold face skin with dirty hands
Go to bed early and regularly
Expand to eat fruits and vegetables whose colors are bright, and drink water

If for a long time you feel your complaint is not getting better, after the outbreak of COVID-19 subsided, you can consult yourself directly to the doctor or dermatologist to be given the right solution.

Hope this helps ...

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