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I just bought Zedalfa medicine. Is the drug safe for people who don’t have a tumor or cancer? Thank you in advance

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Good morning, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. The medicine you mentioned is an herbal medicine that contains extracts or essence of various herbal plants such as:

Zedoaria curcumae

Herbal typhonii

Andrographis herbs
Curcuma Longa Rhizome
Merrremiae tubera
Gynura folium
Curcumae manggae rhizome

Indeed, some of these plants have already undergone research and have an effect on stunted growth of cancer cells, but only some are not enough to generalize the rest. In addition, there have been no studies on the interaction of the use of all of these herbs, their interactions with other drugs, side effects, how safe and dangerous doses are and what are their benefits in other fields besides inhibiting the growth of cancer cells.

Not only that, drugs that are safe for consumption can also not be safe for everyone. For example, there are drugs that are safe for everyone but are not safe for pregnant women, or there are drugs that should not be given to people with kidney disorders, are not safe for those who are allergic to certain substances, and so on.

So what we want to say, medically, we have not been able to ascertain whether the drug is safe or not for consumption, especially for you, regardless of whether you take it to prevent / treat tumors or other causes. What needs to be focused here is the main reason you are taking the drug, given the manufacturer's claimed efficacy is only for tumors and cancer while you want to use it for other reasons. Our advice, you should discuss this matter directly to the general practitioner in advance by conveying your true purpose to avoid misunderstanding. So, hopefully answering your question.

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