Good afternoon doc, I want to ask my face so many pimples of all kinds of pimples on my face, I’m also using cream again, how do I stop it huh? So that my face won’t get worse

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There are acne complaints that you feel, and you are currently using cream, so if indeed you are only using this face cream product, you should stop using it. The use of new products for facial care, can trigger the appearance of acne complaints if it is not suitable and can cause irritating skin irritation. Therefore, avoid using new products without evaluation and without ascertaining whether this product is suitable for you. Although this product is advertised, according to the virus or according to your friend is suitable for a particular skin or matches your friend, but this product is not necessarily suitable for you. Therefore, avoid habits like changing products or like trying new products.

Even if you have to use a new product or brand new skin care, then use this product in some areas that are not broad on your face, such as in the face area around the jaw. No need to be too broad, and use every day according to the instructions for use for 5-7 days in the same place. If there are no complaints of redness, soreness, pain, swelling, or pimples, then you can continue this product. However, if there are complaints accompanying the area where you are rubbing, stop using it immediately.

Therefore, if indeed this complaint arises since you used this facial treatment, then the recovery that you can do is to stop using it. Furthermore, the inflammation process will improve in 3-6 days. However, avoid treatment independently by trying acne medications that are sold in the market.

To help reduce inflammation and pimples that you feel, then you should immediately consult your dermatologist. Your doctor will evaluate your skin and the products you use. Furthermore, an examination on the area of ​​complaint or acne area will be done to determine whether the complaint is triggered by the product you are using, or because of other conditions that trigger acne, such as psychological effects, hormonal influences, or drugs. The results of the examination will provide a reference to what treatment steps can be given to you that can help reduce the inflammation or acne process. Thus, these complaints will soon improve and recover.

During the period of treatment by the doctor, you should try to follow your doctor's plan and follow your doctor's recommendations, so that your doctor can conduct periodic evaluations according to the progress of the recovery of complaints that you feel.

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